Welcome to the Blue Roots Pages
Welcome to the Blue Roots Pages- This Southern Style of magick is based
on the African American Style of Root Work,
The Seminary Offers a complete course on Southern Root Work. We have
trained Root Doctors to help those who wish to learn.  Please look around
and enjoy...
Here we will provide insight into this whole world of this magickal System.
There are similar styles with the Hispanic, Peruvian, Cuban, Brazilian, and
Indian style that we may add information that would be common to all.
Spirit Houses
Saint Candles and Prayer Cards
An Introduction to African-American Rootwork
Lucky Mojo-
Many excellent articles on the subject of Root
and Excellent Root Store Also
Papa Jims-
An excellent store that stock supplies for
Southern and Spanish Styles of Root magick
Magickal Oil Lamps
Magickal and medicinal Baths
Pow-Wow (Folk magick)
Different from Blue Root