Sister Circles
Groups of Interest
In the 11 year Cat's Lair has been in existence , groups
have either helped it form, have branched off, or are
Sister Covens in the Community.
We present and honor these groups
Gaia's Raising
Explore the beauty of pagan, goddess-, and earth-centered
woven together with Unitarian Universalism.
The Gaia's Rising Chapter of the Covenant of Unitarian
Universalist Pagans (CUUPS) has been associated with the
Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Columbia (UUFC), South
Carolina, for nearly two decades.

This Wonderful group of people We have the pleasure of
working with for almost 2 years now
Children of the Laughing Coyote

In 2006, My native Spirits told me to
create a new group following the Wisdom
of the Native people of North America.
Coyote the Spirit Keeper of the South
and creator God, Took us as his children
and Watches and protects us.
He is the one who gave our name and
the Sacred Aponpon Bundle of the Hayoka