Welcome to the
Native American Pages
Below you will find information about
our Red brothers and Sisters
May the ancestors keep
and protect you.
Welcome to the  Native American Spiritual Pages:
I am Hawk~Raven formally Running~Deer.  
I have had the honor and privilege to be trained in not one,
but Three Tribal Tradition.
I am adding information on my teachers and the tribe to
which I was trained in.  
I hope you will find the Red Road as fulfilling as I have.
Mitkawa Oysin (we are all one.)
Native American
Tribes and Cultures
Bear Tribe Medicine Society
West Winds
On January 15, 2007- Wind
Daughter was told by the
spirits to rename the Bear
Clan.  The New name is the
Panther Clan.  Full details
can be found on her
web-site West Winds.
Wind Daughter:
Head Medicine Chief of the
Bear Tribe Medicine Society
Information on her link below
Founder of the
Bear Tribe Medicine Society
Grandpa Bear~Heart
Spiritual Elder
Bear Tribe Medicine Society
In memory:
Lord Nikkia Foxx~Fire
Lakota Teacher & Friend
The Cherokee Nation
Personal Website
On Monday August 4, 2008
Grandpa Bearheart Passed away.
He will be sorely missed

by Pat Poland

As I glide my way into the past,
history ... names.... send me back
to my great-grandmother.
She stands 'cross the abyss
"I am here, great-grandaughter."
Mist floats across the gentle
I see her fingertips reaching to
Forever ... it seems, to go on by
centimeters of time.
Names so familiar.... I've used them
Places.. forgotten, resurrected on
the distant shore.
"I am here great-grandmother,"
I call back through the misty veil.
Page by page ... leaf by leaf, like
rich compost heaped
through the years, ready to use,
seeded, and fertile.
I search for clues... a birth ... a
death ... a will...
a grave marking what was, yet is
my Native heritage.