Standing Stone
Newsletter for October 2017
Upcoming Coven Events

All Temple Events will beheld at
Christine's House (C)
Aka The Cracked Cauldron
206 Kingswoods Drive
Greenville S.C. 29611


Priest Morina Spirit Mare aka (Mare) (M)
5 10th Street
Greer S.C. 29657

C or M
will be where location to be held

Check below for times

Please contact the HP & HPS for time and
place for classes

Moons, Sabbaths & Classes

Oct. 21 Class #18 Circle casting -7pm
Oct. 28 Samhain- 6pm

Nov. 4 Class
canceled with October's 21
Nov. 20 Class #20 & Dark Moon Esbat -6pm

Dec. 2- Class #21 Spirits&Shadows-7pm
Dec. 16 Class #22 Energy Align.& Yule-6pm

January 2018
Jan. 6 Class #23 Review-6pm
Jan. 20th-Final Exam

All other days are Free Days/Class days-
(call a teacher to set up class, event,
or to re-set a class date )

Please note, times, dates and events are
subject to change
due to mischievous Brownies and
unpredictable climatic events.

Notification will be given for any changes,
unless the Fairies have fallen
in the mead.

Tribe members- Must Notify Lord KiRen if
you will be attending class.
October is the tenth month of the year in
the Julian and Gregorian Calendars and
the sixth month to have the length of 31
days. The eighth month in the old Roman
calendar, October retained its name
(from the Latin ôctō meaning "eight")
after January and February were inserted
into the calendar that had originally been
created by the Romans.  Among the
Anglo-Saxons, it was known as
Winterfylleth, because at this full moon
(fylleth) winter was supposed to begin.

October is commonly associated with
the season of autumn, and the colors of
October, like orange and brown in the
Northern hemisphere and spring in the
Southern hemisphere, where it is the
seasonal equivalent to April in the
Northern hemisphere and vice versa.

October Star Stones:

Libra (Sept. 22 to Oct. 22)
Planetary Stone: Sapphire; Lucky
Charms: Opal, Sardonyx, Chrysolite;
birthstone: pink Tourmaline, Opal

Scorpio (Oct. 23 to Nov. 21)
Planetary Stone: Garnet, Ruby; Lucky
Charms: Aquamarine, Beryl

October Lokesh birthstone is roser.
October Mystical birthstone is Jasper.
October Ayurvedic Birthstone is Opal.
October's birthstones are the
tourmaline and opal.

Its birth flower is the calendula.

The zodiac signs for this month are
Libra (until October 22)
Scorpio (from October 23).