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Newsletter for June 2017
Upcoming Temple Events

All Temple Events will beheld at
Chrisitines House (C)
Aka The Cracked Cauldron
206 Kingswoods Drive
Grenville S.C. 29611


Priest Morina Spirit Mare aka (Mare) (M)
5 10th Street
Greer S.C. 29657

C or M
will be where location to be held

Check below for times

All House Rituals will be held at (Tarh)
Asogwe Ixchela Indenoske Zymbii' house
(same as Lady Spirit Mare House)
Rituals will now placed on the
House webpage

Please contact the HP & HPS for time and
place for classes

Moons, Sabbaths & Classes

June 10- Class #9
7:00pm - 9:00pm (M)

June 24- Class #10- 6:00pm
Litha (Summer Solstice)
to follow- (

All other days are Free Days/Class days-
(call a teacher to set up class, event,
or to re-set a class date )

Please note, times, dates and events are
subject to change
due to mischievous Brownies and
unpredictable climatic events.

Notification will be given for any changes,
unless the Fairies have fallen
in the mead.

Tribe members- Must Notify Lord KiRen if
you will be attending class.
June is the sixth month of the year in the
Julian and Gregorian calendars and the
second month to have the length of 30
days. June contains the summer solstice
in the Northern Hemisphere, the day with
the most daylight hours, and the winter
solstice in the Southern Hemisphere, the
day with the fewest daylight hours
(excluding polar regions in both cases).
June in the Northern Hemisphere is the
seasonal equivalent to December in the
Southern Hemisphere and vice versa. In
the Northern hemisphere, the beginning
of the traditional astronomical summer is
21 June (meteorological summer begins
on 1 June). In the Southern hemisphere,
meteorological winter begins on 1 June.

At the start of June, the sun rises in the
constellation of Taurus; at the end of
June, the sun rises in the constellation of
Gemini. However, due to the precession
of the equinoxes, June begins with the
sun in the astrological sign of Gemini,
and ends with the sun in the astrological
sign of Cancer.

The Latin name for June is Junius. Ovid
offers multiple etymologies for the name
in the Fasti, a poem about the Roman
calendar. The first is that the month is
named after the Roman goddess Juno,
the goddess of marriage and the wife of
the supreme deity Jupiter; the second is
that the name comes from the Latin word
iuniores, meaning "younger ones", as
opposed to maiores ("elders") for which
the preceding month May (Maius) may
be named.

In ancient Rome, the period from
mid-May through mid-June was
considered inauspicious for marriage.
Ovid says that he consulted the
Flaminica Dialis, the high priestess of
Jupiter, about setting a date for his
daughter's wedding, and was advised to
wait till after June 15. Plutarch, however,
implies that the entire month of June was
more favorable for weddings than May.

Certain meteor showers take place in
June. The Arietids takes place May 22 to
July 2 each year, and peaks on June 7.
The Beta Taurids June 5 to July 18. The
June Bootids take place roughly between
26 June and 2 July each year.
June birthstones are
 pearl, alexandrite and

The birth flowers are rose and

The zodiac signs for the month
of June are Gemini
(until June 20)
and Cancer (June 21 onwards).